not all probiotics are created equal. BioFerScience: A Lab With Multiple Opportunities. not all probiotics are created equal. BioFerScience: A Lab With Multiple Opportunities.


Who We Are 

BioFerScience is a scientific and innovative animal pharmaceutical company with a microbiology laboratory capable of fermenting and microencapsulating highly concentrated probiotic powders. BioFerScience manufactures probiotic supplements that naturally support animal health and performance.

What most differentiates BioFerScience from its other competitors is that from A to Z, the probiotic and postbiotic metabolites are fermented and microencapsulated in our fully equipped microbiology laboratory.

Our Cultures

All probiotic cultures and ready-to-use products manufactured at the BioFerScience microbiology laboratory are genetically approved, and are free of any antibiotic resistance gene and any virulence factor.

All products manufactured at BioFerScience are approved by Health Canada and have their own VHP numbers.

Microbial Microencapsulation Technology 

Handling sensitive microorganisms like probiotics is very difficult due to their sensitivity to oxygen, moisture and heat, which are unfortunately commonly present in most manufacturing processes. Making bacteria stable enough to resist these factors during processing, mixing and packaging is our mission at BioFerScience.

ProFlora™ is a special technology developed by BioFerScience. It is a double-coated encapsulation technology that improves the shelf life of bacteria through the step-by-step encapsulation of bacterial cells.

Our Manufacturing Process

Effective and reliable, from start to finish

(1) Bacterial Isolation 

(2) Bacterial Identification

(3) DNA Sequencing 

(4) Fermentation & Microencapsulation

Proflora capsules

BioFerScience is your partner for a profitable farm.

BioFerScience Inc

is an innovative company capable of fermenting and microencapsulating highly concentrated probiotics & postbiotics that naturally support animal health, immunity and performance. Our lab is located in London, Ontario, and we take great pride in bringing you live strains that are virus free, harvested for quality not quantity, and microencapsulated to ensure they are as productive the day you feed them, as they are when they were created. BioFer Science saw a problem that was not being solved in the industry, and through research, trials, and achieving beneficial results in both production and gains, is proud to bring you capsules that will improve your output and animal health.